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Looking at the “I Prefer VIdeo Games”

I’m listening to BrainScratchComm’s playthrough of “Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)”, which can be summarized as great soundtrack, awesome headkick by Shadow vs. Silver, and garbage that’s all been retconned. Tangent’s aside, It was written by the main guy of the Improv Club, a guy by the name of Cody.  Opening with how he got mocked in lower school, and how awesome his friends were, he goes on how playing video games made him different,, he goes on how he was friends with James since like 1st grade. (Which i thought was a framing error until  I realize he was talking about a different James than the one that now comes to mind.) He describes how James got him out of the house and they rode bikes together in his neighborhood. Which was under construction. He then describes how encountering a bad stretch, he fell off his bike … a lot. After the experience, he pretty much passed up on riding bikes. But he also goes on to say how everybody needs a friend like James, who takes them out of their comfort zone, a Leonard to Sheldon, so to speak.