Doctor Who

Due to familial circumstances (I don’t really want to interview my mother for the family stories on the Nobel Prize Winner), I have decided to go with Doctor Who. The 50th anniversary is coming up in under a week. Recently, a stretch of nine out of ten consecutive episodes from Season Five in the Patrick Troughton era have  been recovered, including the season’s second full serial “The Enemy Of The World”, followed by every episode except Episode three of “The Web Of Fear”. The other full serial is “The Tomb of the Cyberman”, the season’s first serial. These two serials constitute the only complete serials between Seasons Four and Five. “The Web Of Fear” also holds the first appearance of the Brigadier, a supporting character throughout the Third Doctor’s run. The following serial “Fury From the Deep” has no complete episodes surviving which is a real shame because it’s also the first use of the icon item of “the Sonic Screwdriver.”

The driving question is that each time the Doctor regenerates, he takes on a new alter-ego from his original persona. (Keeping this in mind watching some modern episodes quite squicky). The Doctor is actually a grandfather, which is something that tends to be forgotten. There are so many driving questions about this Time Lord. And thanksgiving break actually is an excellent time to watch them, take notes, etc. I think, instead of interviews, I’ll invite people over to watch the episodes and ask for their reactions. What is their reaction to the First Doctor’s grandfather? How about the Second Doctor’s cosmic hobo? The Third Doctor’s stuffiness? The Fourth Doctor’s Man-Child approach? The Fifth Doctor’s human questionings? The Sixth Doctor’s coat. The Seventh Doctor’s Maneuvering. So forth.


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