Five Potential Ideas

I do not have many ideas. However, I do have a few general topics that I could potentially research. The first would be the Nobel Prize Winner, Theodore William Schultz. He won the 1979 Nobel Prize in Economics for his “Human Capital Theory” (essentially an educated population is much better off than a non-educated population.) He also had to skip high school to work on the family farm. My family actually has a fair amount of family stories about the man, and I met him once, when I was two years old. The second would be a look at people with ADD/ADHD. This has the added advantage because I have had a great many of times where my ADD becomes a factor (more than I would like.) There are also a lot of people in my grade with ADD. A third would be to look at the Doctor from Doctor Who. The 50th anniversary comes out in about a week, and I have several friends who are fans. The Doctor regenerates every so often, so it’s basically the same experience and the same personality as always but it’s a different reaction to the same stimuli. There’s all sort of continuity fun. My fourth would be to take look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why is it so popular? How can it maintain its ability to have multiple films tie together? The fifth is to look at the importance of names. 


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