Senior Year

Senior Year has been up and down and all-around. Far away my most difficult classes are AP Physics, AP Calculus, and Engineering. And I’m adding AP English IV 2nd semester. I’ve already applied to four different colleges, but with the exception of the state Tech school, my odds of getting in are slim. I’ve run into a lot of shortcomings that began at the end of my sophomore year, and now I have to make up for it in such a demanding scenario that it’s impossible between ADHD, chronic anxiety, and a host of other family problems. Despite finally getting a 30 on the ACT, I have no idea what my grades are or will be until I get the report card. (Hopefully, straight Bs with As in World Geography and History Of Religion.) I don’t know what my SAT II scores are.  As a matter of fact, I don’t have much a shot at most of the colleges I’m applying to. But I’ve been determined to leave the Deep South for college ever since I was five. I wish there were no penalties for late work for Seniors because the combination of other problems and stress make it impossible to know what’s coming.


One thought on “Senior Year

  1. jimmyakayungknux

    For a long time, I wanted to leave the south too, but I’ve found my perception of Baton Rouge and Louisiana as a whole changing over the course of this past year-or-so. I used to think that Baton Rouge was incredibly boring. I still do, to some extent, but driving around and looking for places to do things has led me to the realization that Baton Rouge is actually pretty interesting. There’s a lot of history and some very cool people if you know where to look. The Garden District in particular has a really neat vibe to it, in my opinion, and I’ve had a good deal of fun going to various events that happen over there (as well as stuff held downtown). Am I set on staying here, then? No, not at all. And I wouldn’t want to go to any other southern state, I don’t think. But I’ve come to “understand” Louisiana in the sense that I think it’s a pretty rad place sometimes.

    Anyways, I sympathize with your feelings on senior year on some level, and I think it’s cool that you’re being ambitious and looking for / applying to colleges even when you might not have guaranteed admission.


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