Response To My First Draft

Well, I am covering a longer stretch over my memoir (and it’s nowhere near completed.) The most common response was that I had a lot of information. Opinions are split. On one hand, the fact that I included a lot of formulas (in word form) was looked at as unnecessary. On the other hand, it also allowed for a detailed look inside my head and just how much information was getting thrown at me during that those three weeks.  My response to the formula is that I was going to convert it from word form to a traditional formula. This ought to cut down on the length on the current amount. My opening sentence was appreciated. I also heard that it wasn’t strictly necessary to include all of these people with names. (Personally, I think it helps to show how much diverse competition I had.) 

I am, however, going to continue to look at my Journals and my Facebook statuses, and my Facebook conversations, and my pictures while continuing my memoir. I had a lot of information, but I think that once I’m able to get the entire memoir written I’ll be able to use better words. What I basically heard was “This would be a great book. Except that this is an essay, not a book.”  Except the essay is supposed to accurately portray what was happening, and I had a lot of information going through my head during this time frame. My reviewers were also surprised that I actually had Journals from this point in my life, and I still had them.

I plan on doing a little bit into Junior year, and maybe a bit of Senior year because a lot of concepts covered during my days at the summer program show up again. This is actually not the first time I’ve written about this time period because I based my college essay on this (and isn’t a college essay nothing more than an exceptional short memoir to a college?)


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