Memoir Post

My Memoir begins with the end of my sophomore year, continues through the summer, and goes throughout my Junior Year. (A key part is actually the basis for my college essay.) I actually documented the time period very well. I recorded my thoughts, my reactions to my struggles, and my experiences. My original intent was not for the base of a memoir assignment, or a college essay. It was because memory changes over time, and the sooner I wrote about it, the more accurate I would be able to reconstruct the events of that entire summer. It was a turning point, and probably the most important summer of my life. I also had a gut feeling that since my life is one big continuity reference almost to continuity lockout, I would have to refer back to it.

To summarize that summer, I spent a month away from my family and five weeks away from home. I actually spent more time away from home than I did at home. I was also very lucky that the time away from home was built into my summer like that because I really needed to assess every part  of my life. I was going into an all-new cast of people, (well, almost all new, there was a Senior girl from my school there as well).


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