Profiling Assignment

I am doing the Robotics team. So far I have informed, the head teacher, and two of my classmates. I am attempting to get a slice of the normal interactions.  But I keep running to comparisions with the 85 Bears, … and the Oakland Raiders of the 70s. For instance, one of my teammates switch between the roles of McMahon and Payton quite frequently. Most of the rest of my team is the defense. Controlled chaos. If this works, it’ll show exactly why we deserve as much of chance as anything else our school offers. It’ll also be an ever-expanding guide for future team members, and it will allow them to know exactly what their predecessors were like, how they act. What their skills were, etc.


2 thoughts on “Profiling Assignment

  1. davisj1487

    I like the idea of the robotics team Robster. That will definitely be an interesting profile. I would have never been able to make the comparisons to the football teams. Bravo to that

  2. btsinbr


    I must admit I am very confused by your comparison of the robotics team to “85 Bears.” Though the robotics team does seem fairly wild, they certainly do not seem like bears to me. Oh well, maybe I’ll understand one day… In the meantime, have fun profiling the robotics team, I think it’ll be fun to learn about the “team” dynamic and find out about building robotics.

    Happy profiling,



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