Free Post: 9/24/13 ALSO: IN CLASS: RESPONSE

Well, I’m trying something new here to jump start my Senior Year. I call it “the Ken ‘The Snake’ Stabler Method.” The idea is to get as little sleep as possible while still functioning like a human being. Stabler used to get about 3 hours of sleep a night. No, this is not some Nobel Prize winning physicist. He was the QB when the Oakland Raiders won their first franchise Super Bowl, Super Bowl XI. S yeah, the reason is because my AP Calculus and AP Physics grades are much, much lower than I want them to be. So you’re asking, how am I staying awake? Well, listening to Silver the hedgehog’s theme is surprisingly effective.

I am also now have 4 Sonic the Hedgehog Games: Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic CD, and Sonic 4 Part 1. I mean to get Sonic 4 Part II. UNo, iTunes doesn’t (have) Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Sonic 2 may be the best game ever made, ( as the only video game I played before I was in 4th grade, playing on the Wii with James) but there are a few drawbacks, it doesn’t allow multiple saved games, nor does it allow “Knuckles The Echidna in Sonic 2” like the cartridges do. Sonic 3 & Knuckles was actually two cartridges: Sonic 3 & Sonich els & Knuckles. They locked together to create the entire game. Sonic & Knuckles also locked with Sonic 2. But it didn’t lock with Sonic 1. Irony, as now you can play as Knuckles (and Tails) in Sonic 1. But not in Sonic 2, another criticism is that: you have to play as Sonic & Tails. In the original game, you could play as either stand-alone.


Bissinger mentions Carter as an example where the football players making the rules backfire. And it’s costly (and not fair) to the kids who don’t get a wakeup call until it’s too late. Carter does anything to win, to keep their football players eligible. And anybody who doesn’t buy into this “Football is more important” notion pays dire consequences. Edwards should have gone to his teacher and asked for help, a great wake-up call. Instead, he gets bailed out. As a matter of fact, at once point, doing well in Calculus was almost as highly regarded as football. It was treated as being important, and practical. For a while, in one class, it actually bred academic excellence. And then it got cut, like everything else save for football.


4 thoughts on “Free Post: 9/24/13 ALSO: IN CLASS: RESPONSE

  1. ashleya19

    Robert, I find it quite alarming that you have decided to get less sleep than the recommended amount (8 hours) every night. From what I understand, not having as much sleep will eventually lead to you having better grades in AP Calculus and AP Physics? And how did you come to this conclusion? I’ve always heard that getting less sleep will make your grades and comprehension worse, and apparently I am correct because I did a little research and found this article which said this:
    “The old aphorism that ‘you snooze, you lose’ doesn’t apply to students who stay up late to cram for a test or finish a class project. New research shows that sacrificing sleep for schoolwork is a bad trade. Researchers from the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at the University of California, Los Angeles, enlisted students from three Los Angeles high schools to help them figure out whether academic performance suffered the day after a late night of studying.It turned out their hunch was correct: Lost sleep resulted in less comprehension during class and worse performance on tests, according to their report, published online this week in the journal Child Development.”

    **Please take this article into consideration and get some sleep!!

    1. ryk2014 Post author

      I get sleep. It’s just I’m phasing in and out of it during the night. Why? My medicine effectively seals any extra energy from ADD away until I’m off of it. The result: that energy has to get burned, somehow. It can be playing Sonic the Hedgehog, or Iron Man 3, or something. Meaning it gets to the point where I can’t sleep until I’ve burned off the extraneous energy. On top of that, when I get enough sleep the night before a test, I usually end up overconfident, and lose a lot more points. I tried getting enough sleep at the end of my sophomore year. To date: my C at the end of Algebra II Honors remains the only C I have ever gotten in math. To put in perspective that C is a huge detriment to my entire high school transcript and the ramfications from that C will probably land me on the rejected list for a few colleges that I’m applying to.

      I’ve seen it happen multiple times freshman year where getting less sleep resulted in my highest single quiz grade of the quarter. Because when I’m tired, I force myself to move at a slower pace that eliminates most of the silly errors. Also, are you familiar with microsleep? [You know when your senses blank out for a few seconds.] That comes into play. Quite honestly, I’m only doing this because my other method (sitting next to the most studious person in the classroom) is too impractical to use because of sheer amount of classmates I have. (I get enough sleep on the weekends to make up for the lost sleep.)

  2. maxpaxsax

    I’m really curious about this whole only getting three hours of sleep deal. I don’t quite understand the purpose of it and what the expected impact is supposed to be. I always thought that getting eight hours of sleep was the healthy amount of sleep needed by a person. When you are in class and can’t listen to your music to stay awake, do you feel sleepy? Could you explain how this will impact your grades? Also what made you want to do this to yourself? I certainly wouldn’t be able to do this so I applaud you for that and hope that you get what you need from it.

    1. ryk2014 Post author

      It’s a little bit off: While I am getting only about three hours of sleep, I’m resting another three hours. So it’s like I’m phasing in and out sleep throughout the night. It’s like trying to get rid of helmets in war because they increase army casualties (because more people now die from complications from their battle injury, instead of on the battlefield), even as they decrease army fatalities (dying on the battlefield.) It looks weird, but it’s not as bad as it seems, and it’s why I don’t start feeling sleepy until about 40 + hour mark without sleep at all. The original intent is to burn off the excess energy from ADD that prevents me from focusing. On top of that, my idea is this: since people review ideas in their sleep, the idea is to split the sleep into two parts. Study, sleep, study some more, sleep. So you’ve effectively doubled the sleep learning.

      I get enough sleep on the weekends anyway to make up for it.


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