Possible Profiling?

So, I have multiple ideas about potentially profiling people. For instance, there’s a good friend of mine that I would probably profile. (And the title would be “Conversations on Facebook”). If I included details, it would so much onus on me profiling my friend (because seriously no other potential subject would be able to top my friend as a subject.), that anybody else would seem like a letdown.

I could also profile my school, and the ins and the outs. It would be a nice meta-profile, and it would be unique because it’s not often a student profiles his school, or at the very least, my grade. It is senior year, so after this year, a few of us will be scattering to the winds for college … and the rest will be going to the local public school university. I believe it would be interesting to profile my school, because our grade is at a crossroads. We remember the old times, (when competition was fierce to get in), saw the dark times (nothing to do but athletics, looked at like rich snobs), and we’re slightly hacked that we’re missing out on the new age of good times. (Note the new privileges for students.) We got hazed as freshman, can’t haze the freshman. We’re the beta-testing grade.

A third potential profile subject is my Robotics team. This is our third season, and we made the tournament last year. We continue to struggle to find support. For instance, we never seem to have more than two girls contributing to the team simultaneously. For that matter, we never have more than four people working together at any point. This would be a deep profile. I am the camera, and film guy (I make notes on the other teams), I talk to other teams in the stands, and attempt to create a positive first impression for our team. (We’re still the laughing stock.) I also step in and fill in the holes as need be. Nobody’s shown up in three days, and there are some parts that need to be screwed together? I got it. And so forth.


2 thoughts on “Possible Profiling?

  1. jimmyakayungknux

    Saluti, Robert,

    Lei ha alcune buone idee. Sono particolarmente affezionato all’idea robotica. Se questa idea fosse un delizioso pasto, avrei sicuramente mangio voracemente. In effetti, non credo che le persone di supporto o anche so dell’esistenza di robotica del club. E ‘come un cane di piccola taglia, se la gente non sapeva che il cane esisteva, o se lo sapevano e non ha sostenuto la sua esistenza. Gli altri cani sono altre attività che le persone ritengono di essere “reale”. E ‘una buona metafora, no? In ogni caso, ti sembra di essere una persona di influenza su questo robotica club dei tuoi, e come tale penso che si potrebbe portare alla luce questo gruppo che molte persone hanno trascurato come se fossero crudele e insensibile robot.



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