Summarizing Chapter 11

Chapter 11 is basically comparing Midland and Odessa. Midland is rich, and neat. Odessa is messy. The two rely on each other. It goes on to describe the economic turns over the decades, and how the football rivalry was so big, it caused the local NBC station to switch from the World Series. It begs the question, which approach is right? The devil-may-care, impulsive nature of Odessa, or the future-driven Midland?


One thought on “Summarizing Chapter 11

  1. cifreob

    That is THE question! You summed up the chapter very directly, very nice, short and sweet. I empathize with both sides of the situation, and I personally do not think that one is better than the other. Yes, there is one side that I would rather be a part of, but this is such a controversial question, and deciding which side is “right” is indeed a heavy responsibility. I’m interested in which side you feel is “right”.
    See ya later! -Baylee


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