Oral History Project

My Oral History Project has been mostly supplied by my father. My dad has already provided a great deal of first-hand information. He went into a description about how he was stationed in Germany. My dad was Involved with Espionage and Counter-Espionage. He told about the closed-off Train that went straight to West Berlin. He briefly went to Amsterdam. Nuclear War was considered likely at that point. Each side was trying to figuring out what the capabilities of the other side was in order to gain an advantage. 


2 thoughts on “Oral History Project

  1. JohnL.

    I hope that you accomplish a lot of the questions you are hoping your father will answer. I too am interviewing my father and I hope to gain enormous amounts of information from him. This might bring the both of you closer in your relationship and that you and your father can share that quality story time.

  2. Bryan Stamey

    Yo yo Robert,
    What’s the happenings? I’m excited about your story. This is amazingly interesting because of the whole espionage and nuclear war thing, which is, well, interesting. I would be excited to read your story. Maybe you’ll be a famous writer one day.


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