“Why Are English Majors Are The Hot New Hires” Response

Let’s face it… STEM experts are always going to be useful. There can always be another person to double-check the math, another brain to ponder ideas.  They are more versatile, and can work on many projects for companies. They can write computer programs, and integrate curves.

Despite what this article claims, English Majors are not as a big of an asset as this article believes. It makes it seems like every English Major can get a job. The issue is that there are only so many Communication jobs that major companies can offer. This means that only the top English Majors can indeed get those type of jobs. English Majors also have the disadvantage of not having math or science. Under like history, when can be self-taught, math and science have to be taught, not self-learned. It is much easier for an Engineer to learn the skills that English Majors bring to the table than in reverse. Another flaw is that this article makes the same mistake as most of society: that people who are STEM-oriented are as cold and logical as Spock with no understanding of “normal” human emotions like compassion.

Even the skills that the article says that the advantages that English Majors have like conducting good research and critical thinking are not that big of an advantage compared to STEM majors. Good research and critical thinking are the backbones of STEM majors! Even the empathy angle that was played does not hold up. True, empathy cannot be taught. However, empathy can be learned by experience.


I can expect to gain a fair amount of experience from my English Seminar this semester. Creative Nonfiction is much different than the other genres of literature in that it is using life to weave a story. The Seminar’s small class size combined with the fact that everybody in class wanted this course, creates a much different feel than my English III class where nobody wanted to do any work, and everybody was either lazy or wasn’t assertive enough.  In short, this seminar should be the exact opposite.


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