Introduction To Me

I could probably summarize my ADD self with the following sentences. I once spent $65 on a half-dozen books. There were three biographies: Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, and John Adams.  I bought a book on George Washington’s failures in the French & Indian War. I purchased a book on the founding of modern geology. Finally, I chose a book on the 1957 Boston Celtics. Basically, I was like Thomas Jefferson in a bookstore. (or the cliche, “a kid in a candy store”) Talk about a wide variety of interests that continues in multiple directions. (Doctor Who)

What I expect out of my Senior Seminar Course is that people will be actively engaged. It will require stretching and combining my wide bits of knowledge (Princip was eating a chicken sandwich before he assassinated Archduke Franiz Ferdinand!). The course might even end up being the literary equivalent of a comedian’s routine. (At least, that’s what I’m hoping.)



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