Rewriting First Assignment

Looking back on my first assignment (earliest memory), I found my language to be rather limited. The flow was clunky. It was hard to actually get engaged. On top of that, it was entirely from my own recollection, partly because nobody else in my family would remember it, and partly because I didn’t feel like asking anyone. Rewriting now would probably have me show the memory as a precursor to another event, to allow more depth. There’s not actually much more for me to say. It’s pretty standard revisions.


Doctor Who

Due to familial circumstances (I don’t really want to interview my mother for the family stories on the Nobel Prize Winner), I have decided to go with Doctor Who. The 50th anniversary is coming up in under a week. Recently, a stretch of nine out of ten consecutive episodes from Season Five in the Patrick Troughton era have  been recovered, including the season’s second full serial “The Enemy Of The World”, followed by every episode except Episode three of “The Web Of Fear”. The other full serial is “The Tomb of the Cyberman”, the season’s first serial. These two serials constitute the only complete serials between Seasons Four and Five. “The Web Of Fear” also holds the first appearance of the Brigadier, a supporting character throughout the Third Doctor’s run. The following serial “Fury From the Deep” has no complete episodes surviving which is a real shame because it’s also the first use of the icon item of “the Sonic Screwdriver.”

The driving question is that each time the Doctor regenerates, he takes on a new alter-ego from his original persona. (Keeping this in mind watching some modern episodes quite squicky). The Doctor is actually a grandfather, which is something that tends to be forgotten. There are so many driving questions about this Time Lord. And thanksgiving break actually is an excellent time to watch them, take notes, etc. I think, instead of interviews, I’ll invite people over to watch the episodes and ask for their reactions. What is their reaction to the First Doctor’s grandfather? How about the Second Doctor’s cosmic hobo? The Third Doctor’s stuffiness? The Fourth Doctor’s Man-Child approach? The Fifth Doctor’s human questionings? The Sixth Doctor’s coat. The Seventh Doctor’s Maneuvering. So forth.

Five Potential Ideas

I do not have many ideas. However, I do have a few general topics that I could potentially research. The first would be the Nobel Prize Winner, Theodore William Schultz. He won the 1979 Nobel Prize in Economics for his “Human Capital Theory” (essentially an educated population is much better off than a non-educated population.) He also had to skip high school to work on the family farm. My family actually has a fair amount of family stories about the man, and I met him once, when I was two years old. The second would be a look at people with ADD/ADHD. This has the added advantage because I have had a great many of times where my ADD becomes a factor (more than I would like.) There are also a lot of people in my grade with ADD. A third would be to look at the Doctor from Doctor Who. The 50th anniversary comes out in about a week, and I have several friends who are fans. The Doctor regenerates every so often, so it’s basically the same experience and the same personality as always but it’s a different reaction to the same stimuli. There’s all sort of continuity fun. My fourth would be to take look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why is it so popular? How can it maintain its ability to have multiple films tie together? The fifth is to look at the importance of names. 


A CNF writer could recreate scenes by asking a person who was there. Another way would be to actually go to the place and look at where it happened. This would allow the writer to understand where the scene was see and allow to include few extra details. A third way would be set up video cameras (Schrodinger’s cat reference) and review the footage. There’s a fourth which would be a speculation angle, taking the angle of what the people MIGHT have said at a certain time and place, and attempting to use the same style of speaking that the characters do. 

Senior Year

Senior Year has been up and down and all-around. Far away my most difficult classes are AP Physics, AP Calculus, and Engineering. And I’m adding AP English IV 2nd semester. I’ve already applied to four different colleges, but with the exception of the state Tech school, my odds of getting in are slim. I’ve run into a lot of shortcomings that began at the end of my sophomore year, and now I have to make up for it in such a demanding scenario that it’s impossible between ADHD, chronic anxiety, and a host of other family problems. Despite finally getting a 30 on the ACT, I have no idea what my grades are or will be until I get the report card. (Hopefully, straight Bs with As in World Geography and History Of Religion.) I don’t know what my SAT II scores are.  As a matter of fact, I don’t have much a shot at most of the colleges I’m applying to. But I’ve been determined to leave the Deep South for college ever since I was five. I wish there were no penalties for late work for Seniors because the combination of other problems and stress make it impossible to know what’s coming.

Claim Post (Because this didn’t post last time)

The main line of Sonic the Hedgehog games (no spinoffs) has been on an upward trend with its most recent games after Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) because every game since then has received better reviews than this 2006 game. IGN thought that this 2006 game would “sabotage any hopes for a successful transition to the next-generation. …Players will die countless times as Sonic and friends plunge into the depths of the abyss thanks to unresponsive and plain whacky controls.” It gave the game a 4.8/10. The next game Sonic Unleashed recieved mixed reviews, praising the daytime levels and criticizing the nighttime levels. Metacritic gave it a 60/100 for much of the same reasons. The next game: Sonic 4 Episode 1 got mostly positive reviews. Game Rankings gave the iOs version a 74.29% using a variety of other game ranking websites. Metacritic gave the same game a 74/100 with the highest praising reviews calling it “deserving of the name ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 4′” and multiple reviewers have stated that it recaptures “a lightning fast 2D platform game that recovers what made the original game a true classic”. The Playstation 3 version got slightly lower at a 72, the X-box 360 game got a score of 74/100 and the Wii version notched the highest reviews at a strong 81/100. Sonic Colors’s reviews from Metacritic were consistent, scoring a 78 and 79 on the Wii and DS versions, respectively. One praises the “fantastic game. Not just a step in the right direction, but an unequivocal success. In fact, it’s the best entry in the series since the Blue Blur’s 16-bit heyday.” Another reviews Colors as “fast, frenetic fun with enough challenge to satisfy the hardcore crowd baying for a decent new Sonic game.” The following game was Sonic Generations, the 20th anniversary game. It was a diamond compared the 15th anniversary game. The X-Box 360 and Playstation 3 versions differed by only a single point in reviews by Metacritic. The homage to fans won praise for ” the perfect celebration of everything Hedgehog for any type of fan” and ” a successful combination of classic and modern gameplay, both of them polished and highly replayable, making this latest Sonic game the path to follow for future releases.” Sonic 4 Episode II lost a bit of ground. The reviews from Metacritic on the iOs version are that the game” isn’t quite the blue hero we know him to be, but it’s a step in the right direction and a decent platformer for fans of the series and those after a slick platformer.” The Playstation-3 and X-Box 360 got slightly more lower scores, but the game’s reintroduction of the Sonic & Tails duo last seen in Sonic 3 & Knuckles was “gives the perfect level of balance to correct mistakes made at mach speed.” In the last month, Sonic: Lost World has been released, however, it’s a little earlier to start judging the game.

Looking at the “I Prefer VIdeo Games”

I’m listening to BrainScratchComm’s playthrough of “Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)”, which can be summarized as great soundtrack, awesome headkick by Shadow vs. Silver, and garbage that’s all been retconned. Tangent’s aside, It was written by the main guy of the Improv Club, a guy by the name of Cody.  Opening with how he got mocked in lower school, and how awesome his friends were, he goes on how playing video games made him different,, he goes on how he was friends with James since like 1st grade. (Which i thought was a framing error until  I realize he was talking about a different James than the one that now comes to mind.) He describes how James got him out of the house and they rode bikes together in his neighborhood. Which was under construction. He then describes how encountering a bad stretch, he fell off his bike … a lot. After the experience, he pretty much passed up on riding bikes. But he also goes on to say how everybody needs a friend like James, who takes them out of their comfort zone, a Leonard to Sheldon, so to speak.